Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dwyane Wade Throws a 90-foot Alley-Oop

Ok so this is pretty dang awesome! But how does it compare Wayne Rooney's amazing bicycle kick goal. I cant seem to get a video of it on here yet, but as soon as I can I will. I would invite everyone to go watch it though and leave comments. There are so many amazing plays in sports but they always seem to be able to out perform those of the old days. I don't know just think this was pretty amazing, but I also want to hear about other plays that are up there, so I can be sure to see them all :) Thanks
**Stay Classy San-Diego**

Ok here is the bicycle kick!!! Haha Just amazing!!


  1. I'd vote for the basketballer, purely because football is so overrated here in England.

  2. that alleyoop was amazin!!!!
    lovin the sports blogs!

  3. Anonymous comment.

    Have a great day Spence.

  4. that was amazing!