Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Yep it's here, the Superbowl. I just wanted to say that it may have been the worst halftime show of all time. There was not even a wardrobe malfunction to keep it interesting. I can not believe that Slash put up with that, and let Fergie destroy that song in front of a national audience. If I were the Black Eyed Peas I would have passed on the halftime show, and let Glee have the halftime show. They should keep their music in the clubs and let vocally talented people perform shows. Haha but in all seriousness the choreography was pretty darn awesome! I will wonder for the rest of my life how the Superbowl became so important but its obviously soon to be a national holiday. I will stay in my dream world where Randy Moss stayed in Minnesota for his whole career and never developed an attitude! That would be the life, and they would have a few rings to show for it. But I guess the Packers can keep all the glory, and Minnesota will have the last of Brett Favre
**Stay Classy San-Diego**


  1. WTF HAPPENED AT HALF TIME!? Hahahaha what a joke!

    Go Green Bay!

  2. loved the anchorman quote bro :)

  3. The only chance i get to watch football is on Espn in my country.
    But thank goodness for the internet right?

  4. I cant believe how big SuperBowl is in the US. You may have invented sports that the rest of the world isn't interested in but at least you do them big.