Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just When Things Were Looking Up!

It was inevitable, sooner or later Deron Williams was going to leave the Utah Jazz. Players with superstar abilities have a hard time staying in or coming to Utah. It is a well known fact that is prevalent in the NBA. That is why I will forever be grateful for John Stockton and Karl Malone, also for the few years that D-Will was able to hold down the fort. He has been a solid player, and a stand out member of the community In Salt Lake, and I am grateful for that. He has undoubtedly helped the Jazz maintain the high level of excellence that has always abounded in the organization. He has had many highs and and a few lows here so far in his career, and I really wish it was not over yet, but what can you do. His contract was nearing the end, and when that happened he would have been scouted down by many teams looking to land one of the premier point guards in the NBA, if not the best! He would be been gone by next summer with his talent and abilities at the level that they are. If that were to happen, the Jazz would have been up a creek with out a paddle to say the least, loosing your franchise point guard and getting nothing in return except a lower salary to pay out. With the trade that took place today, the Jazz made a very smart move considering the other outcomes. Deron Williams is currently in the prime of his career, and is a very hot commodity across the NBA, so his value is probably at its peak right now. A trade became available where the Jazz would get plenty in return for Deron's expiring contract, and that is exactly what they did. Devin Harris, a more than able point guard along with Derek Favors, a promising young power forward who is filled with potential. To go along with these two players the Jazz landed a first round pick from the Nets for this summer which should put us pretty high in the draft lottery considering how good the Nets are overall. Then a future first round draft pick to go along with it all. The only thing the Jazz had to give up was the best player to put on a uniform since the days of Stockton and Malone! Only the future will tell how this trade will turn out. I will be the first to admit that I am very excited to see Devin Harris run the point guard here in Utah. He is an All-Star quality player that has been chained to a sub-par organization(Nets) where his talent and ability was smothered in filthiness. I think players playing in New Jersey lost talent just by putting on the jersey. So he should be able to resume his career now that his talent will be nurtured. Derek Favors should be a great player off the bench to the already strong front court in Utah. He would also be good trading material to land some other more need position players if he were to have a hard time fitting into the system. Well nothing against Deron but here is to hoping the Nets dont win another game all season to help increase the worth of the newly acquired draft pick, and also a little bit to teach Deron a little bit of a lesson for the attitude he started to develop the last little bit here in Utah. His talent was starting to go to his head. . . . . Well that is most of what I have to say, but I would be interest if anyone else has any insight.

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