Monday, February 7, 2011

NFL Lockout in 2011 . . . .

Oh and P.S. I forgot to mention that I am currently attempting to do a lot of research for an english paper about the pending Lockout in the NFL. I would love any ideas, input, references, and any opinions out there about the lockout whether a football fan or not, I am pretty sure it will affect many more than just sports fans come next fall. I just realized today how big of an industry that the sports world is, not just from athletes and coaches, but it affects hundreds of thousands of jobs. From the stadium employee's to all the companies who have a huge boost in profits during the football season. For all those who don't know what is going on, the current collective bargaining agreement that operates the NFL currently is set to expire on March 4th. It controls all the guidelines of how much the players get paid. The owners of the teams currently want to cut the players income by about 18%, because of supposed financial stresses related to the economy. They want the players to pay for all travel expenses and things related to that. Its a big controversy between the owners and players, and if no one agrees no football will played this fall. But that will be no worries for Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins he will just play for the Heat and be a sidekick for Lebron Wade and Bosh! haha
**Stay Classy San-Diego"


  1. as far as the players go, a lot of them get payed more then enough imo.

  2. I think people can survive without football. It's not the end of the world if they don't play a season.